a whole new world.

So this blog thing is kind of new for me. I had one before, but it was a joint effort between my husband and myself, and we really didn’t keep up with it well. Recently, my sister asked me to join an online baking adventure with her. See, we live on completely opposite coasts of the country. She is in Northwestern Virginia, and I’m in Western Alaska. It’s hard to get together and do the things we would love to do if we lived in the same town. So this is a way for us to embark on something together. Tuesdays With Dorie is the name of the blog we’re following. You can check it out if you like, and also read my sister’s blog while you’re at it.  She’s a good writer.

So the idea is to tackle baking recipes and blog about them. I decided, since I didn’t have a blog, I’d have to get one going. And I might as well talk about some other things while I’m typing away. The baking has yet to begin. So I’m living in Nome, Alaska. It’s cold and dark this time of year. It’s actually been the coldest January on record, EVER. We’ve been enjoying quite a bit of indoor time, as temperatures dip under -30. I love to bake bread, knit, sew, play guitar, and hang out with my husband and my dog Parker.

He’s  a border collie and lab mix that we adopted from a shelter about a year ago. My grandfather met him when he was a puppy, and was convinced there must be something wrong with him. He was so mellow! He still maintains that demeanor most of the time. But these cold winter days have been getting to him too, and he’s having relapses into puppy stages I thought we had all put behind us. In the past week, we’ve lost a glove, a couch pillow, couch cover and rug edge to the jaws of dear Parker. But it’s hard to be mad at him for it. Look at those eyes!

my dog parker

So I moved the couch cover, in order to cover up the hole, and made sure he had every possible toy at his immediate disposal when I left the house this morning. Fingers crossed he’s a happy camper when I get home.


3 thoughts on “a whole new world.

  1. he’s a cutie!

    we’re having a colder and snowier February than normal here in Boulder, Colorado, but I’m sure nothing compared to Alaska!

  2. I love that you and Abbey are doing this together! Such a sweet way to stay connected. And now that we know you have a blog, we can stay semi-updated on your life. 🙂

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