Surprise dinner

When I got home last night, my friend called up. They have a crabpot out under the sea ice, and apparently dropped it right into a super colony of crabs. They’re bringing in a load almost every day. They were looking to share some. So Parker and I hopped in the truck and headed back to town to grab some dinner! He loves riding in the truck. Sits up straight in the passenger seat and gazes out the front windshield just like a person. He likes to know where we’re headed. Nice friend had them cooked and ready to go when we arrived, so nice! And what a feast! We tried to figure the best way for me to transport 4 large piping hot king crabs back in a truck with a dog on the front seat. We put foil over them in a really large bowl. And I told Parker that he’d better leave them alone…  But looking back on it, I think he would have really regretted getting his mouth on one of those anyway. He would have learned his lesson the hard way. It smells good, but they are covered with fierce spikes.

I love the idea of crab. But I’m realizing things would go much better if I took the time to crack it all open at once, and then  sit down and really enjoy it. Otherwise it seems like a lot of work for not a lot of reward. And I wasn’t even the one pulling them out of the sea! My husband is not really a fan of the sea ice…has a really legitimate fear that it will give-way and he’ll fall in the frigid water. Understandable. So we don’t have a crab pot. Unless I want to take that on…hm…maybe next winter.

Have I mentioned that I love living here?


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