TWD: Baking with Julia – Rugelach (ROO-guh-luh)

The first batch, using homemade tundra blueberry jam...maybe should have gone for the lekvar.

I’m surprised every week in my baking blog journey with Tuesdays with Dorie. This week I learned of another tasty sweet that I never knew existed: Rugelach. And my first meeting with it has been less than ideal, I would say. Although ultimately tasty, it proved to be difficult to put together. It took some work! And the outcome wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. I took some liberties with this one, and that could be why things didn’t turn out quite right. I think if I had tried to pack less into these little rolls, they would have closed up a little better. With that extra bit of dough rolling right up into the middle, they would have had some infrastructure, and wouldn’t have come out of the oven looking as if someone climbed in there and sat on them. …not what you want when baking a fancy dessert! I’m happy to say they do taste good, and both and my husband and I have been scraping them off of the aluminum foil in little chunks of dough and melted brown sugar fruity goodness. On this week’s shopping list: parchment paper. I should have followed through with that suggestion, among many others…

One of the few that survived!

So those liberties I mentioned. The recipe suggests using Apricot Lekvar as the spread in the filling of the rolls. I, along with others in this Tuesdays with Dorie experience, didn’t find Apricot Lekvar very appetizing, so I ventured into making my own filling. I spread two of the rolls with homemade tundra blueberry jam, with an attempt to add my own Alaskan touch…those were the ones that collapsed the worst! I had somewhat better luck with the ones spread with Trader Joe’s Fig butter. I was lucky to have some of this leftover from a post-Christmas shopping trip we embarked on while “outside” visiting family in Virginia. We hadn’t made it very far through the jar, so I thought it’d be a great filling for my Rugelach experiment. And it did turn out well. The fig butter rolls were much more inclined to remain in one contained piece.

Another snafu I created for myself came about in a snow machine ride into the country on Sunday, while I was baking. I took the rough rectangles of dough out of the fridge to warm up for just a minute before I rolled them out for the stuffing step of the process. And then my husband suggested we get out on the machine for a quick ride. I assessed the situation at hand: sunshine and countryside or baking, quickly agreed and dropped what I was doing. Now, I realize that the dough, made of cream cheese and butter, probably should have gone back in the fridge before I walked out of the kitchen, but who thinks of that?

The trail out of Nome, towards the Cape. In just a few short days, Iditarod mushers will be racing this way into Nome!

Ultimately, I guess it’s the way it goes sometimes. Some relationships require extra work. I think I’ll have to try this one again and see if we can work out our differences. On the upside, Parker was happy to be around for this one. I made quite a mess on the floor! Dogs are great vacuum cleaners, especially in the kitchen.

Find the full recipe here.


5 thoughts on “TWD: Baking with Julia – Rugelach (ROO-guh-luh)

  1. I, too, cook with my 3 Dachsies in the kitchen & underfoot always! They do work so hard when I make messes. Your rugelach looks scrumptious!

  2. My Trader Joe’s fig butter ones worked the best, too. I had such high hopes for the tundra jam…it would have been a nice touch in your Alaskan-themed baking adventure!
    (I think you and the rugelach can still have a rich, happy future together.)

  3. The fillings sound really good. Tundra jam sounds so exotic 🙂
    Actually, the lekvars (both the apricot and the prune) were very tasty. I have been eating them straight up (or on toast).

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