TWD: Baking with Julia – Pizza Rustica

I was proud of my baking project this week. I deviated a little from the recipe, took into account other people’s comments on the TWD blog, and came out with something yummy! It wasn’t the hardest recipe that we’ve tackled so far, but it wasn’t the easiest either. Making dough for anything is still not a breeze for me. I have to concentrate, and read “baking powder” twice just to make sure I don’t use baking soda instead. This recipe called for prosciutto. I have never used it, nor do I like it. I also wasn’t really sure if I’d be able to find it in Nome. So thankfully some other bakers in this fine project had already attempted this recipe. I checked out some of their responses, and decided a good substitute would be kalamata olives and sundried tomatoes. We luckily had both in our fridge. How convenient! I also doubled the romano cheese and added another pinch of salt, since most people said the filling was bland. Mine came out and was husband-approved: salty, but not too salty. It was cheesy deliciousness, and can in no way be good for you.

My pizza rustica is still in the fridge. My husband and I ate it for dinner yesterday and lunch today. When contemplating dinner ideas, we considered revisiting that container of leftovers. But we both decided maybe just one piece of pizza rustica in a day is the limit. Holy richness! Parker didn’t have any.

The world of dogs in our life is expanding. We got another puppy a few weeks ago, and my how the tables have turned! She was young, young, only six weeks old. So eventhough we’ve been working hard, the potty training is slow going. Emmylou’s bladder is just too small! We have to be on it every 25 minutes during waking hours to take her out. In a normal part of the world, this wouldn’t be a huge deal. But in Nome, especially last week’s wild, wild wind, we have to bundle up to go outside: boots, hat, and coat are a necessity. Gloves too, if you want to bring your hands out of your pocket. Sometimes even a balaclava is necessary, just to let the dog out. The good thing is that we have food like pizza rustica to put a little meat on our bones. I’m thankful for that!

A rare docile moment with Parker Longsock and Emmylou Harris.


7 thoughts on “TWD: Baking with Julia – Pizza Rustica

  1. Your pizza rustica looks beautiful! I would suppose living in Nome you do have some real ingredient challenges! Love the stories of your pups- ha, wr have a 2 year old male Dachsie who we have to be very alert to in the house!

  2. Your doggies are so cute! I just love their names. The Pizza looks good, too. I agree with you on the richness. This is definitely something you can’t eat a lot of in one sitting!

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